Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hospice?

Hospice is a special kind of care for terminally ill people and their families that:

  • Treats physical needs of the patient as well as his or her emotional and spiritual needs
  • Concentrates on making patients free of pain and as comfortable as possible so they can make the most of the time that remains
  • Considers helping family members an essential part of its mission
  • Believes quality of life to be as important as medical management
Who is Eligible for Hospice of Green Country Services?

Hospice is available for terminally ill adults who meet medical eligibility and no longer pursue further curative treatments.

Where Does Hospice Care Take Place?

The patient is seen by the hospice care team wherever he or she calls home. At times, this may be their home, the home of a relative or friend, or even in a nursing, assisted living, or omega hospice house facility.

What Services are Included in Hospice Care?

The patient and family will receive services according to the individual’s patient plan of care. Our hospice care team works together with the patient and family to provide medical direction, nursing visits, social services, chaplain support and volunteer services. Registered nurses are on call 24 hours a day.

For more information, see About Hospice Care.

What Do the Nurses and Other Staff Do During the Visits?

At each visit, a nurse does a physical assessment and talks about any problems the patient may be having. They work closely with the doctor to provide medicine and care to control symptoms.

A hospice aide is available to assist with personal care, such as bathing, shampooing, grooming and linen changes.

A social worker supports the patient and family by obtaining other community services, preparing an advance directive, making other necessary arrangements, or helping the patient or family cope with changes occurring.

When desired by the patient or family, a chaplain is available to visit and provide spiritual support.

Volunteers are also available to visit with patients, to give caregivers a break to take a nap or to run errands, to help with light household chores or shopping, to help with patients’ pets and much more.

How Are Visits Scheduled?

Visits are scheduled based on the care needs of the patient. Every effort is made to schedule the visit according to the patient’s and family’s convenience.

How Are Hospice Services Paid for?

Typically, hospice is paid for by Medicare or private insurance. However, Hospice of Green Country provides services to patient and families regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnic background or ability to pay. If the patient does not have hospice insurance coverage, Hospice of Green Country services are covered under our Courtesy Care services, which is funded by memorial donations, individual contributions, wills and bequests, foundation grants, fundraising events and the United Way.

For more info see Courtesy Care.

What Kind of Services Are Available to Friends and Family after the Death of Their Loved One?

Friends and family receive helpful educational information about the grief process. They may also receive bereavement visits and individual counseling on request. Assistance is available for at least 13 months, and when needed, for longer periods of time.

How Can I Help Hospice of Green Country?

Hospice of Green Country has always proudly served the needs of the at-risk, low income and minority populations in northeastern Oklahoma, and is known as the hospice that will take patients with difficult or complicated treatment plans and controversial lifestyles without judgment.

At Hospice of Green Country, we believe we provide THE BEST hospice care to patients of all backgrounds and means, but we are honored to provide Courtesy Care to those patients who need us most – those who are uninsured, underinsured and/or lack the resources to pay for hospice services. Courtesy Care is why Hospice of Green Country is here to serve our community and we continue to work intently to optimize operational efficiencies and to raise increased community awareness of this important work while providing the quality, wrap-around care we are known for to all of our patients.

Hospice of Green Country relies on the generosity of local individuals, corporations, foundations and the United Way for funding to serve terminally ill patients across northeastern Oklahoma – especially patients who lack the financial resources for hospice care. As the only United Way supported, non-profit hospice in northeastern Oklahoma, and the oldest hospice in the area, we believe that supporting our mission is a good investment of your charitable dollars as you look for ways to make a meaningful impact through your giving.

While financial contributions are important, Hospice of Green Country also needs the donation of your time. Volunteering for Hospice of Green Country is satisfying and fulfilling.

For more information on how you can help, see Volunteering, Donations and Wish List.